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  • Does all the food and drink I consume need to be organic?

    Switching to 100% organic food means living 100% Primally. However, we are aware that purchasing and consuming 100% organic food is not an option that everyone can invest in. in this case, there are 3 main food types we would advise you prioritise as organic:

    Red meat
    Leafy greens

    After organic, we believe local, fresh produce is best – it’s travelled the least distance, so its freshness is better than food from overseas, and of course, this has less impact on the environment. When it comes to fruit and vegetables, frozen is often the best course after organic, as the time from the food being picked to frozen is far less than most fresh produce.

    For any other questions about living Primally, please do use our website as a resource, and also purchase the Primal Cure book, which covers several topics from the history of Primal Living, further depth and detail behind Primal food, the basics on medicine and supplements, an introduction to Primal Cure MOMMS (Max Out Move More – Sprint) and further tips and advice on living a Primal Lifestyle.

    We may live Primally, but we use technology, so if you’re feeling chatty, send your question our way to [email protected], or pick up the phone to talk to us and call 0800 4402 888.

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