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James Cracknell Loves Our Natural Energy Drink Noggin

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James Cracknell Loves Our Natural Energy Drink Noggin “When I starred in Channel 4’s Celebrity SAS, I decided to take noggin with me, because I knew I would at times need a quick energy burst. If you saw the program, you will have noticed how I managed to get through all of the physical tasks and for that, in part, I must put down to noggin.

It taste great, it gives you loads of energy, and you will be treating your body to natural ingredients and lots and lots of vitamins and minerals. Many energy drinks are actually just like a liquid dessert and your body doesn't need all those calories before it does exercise because your body already stores a load of glycogen.

What it does need is to feel alert which is where noggin and its natural caffeine really comes in.”

James Cracknell

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