2 Natural Antihistamines Options: Treat Your Allergies Naturally

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If you or a loved one suffer from seasonal allergies, then you'll know the struggle when it comes to finding the right medicine. Most people opt for over-the-counter medicines, but most recently, more and more people are opting for natural plant extracts and foods that acts as an antihistamines.

How do antihistamines work?

Antihistamines help the body when allergies occur by blocking histamine activity which can trigger sneezing, scratchy throat, itchy eyes and more. Allergies are an immune response to a harmless substance which comes into contact with cells in the mucus membranes of your throat, stomach, nose, mouth, lungs and even intestines.

For some people though, finding a natural antihistamine option is important. Treating allergies naturally decreases the risk of side effects that come with most over-the-counter antihistamines, such as nausea and drowsiness.

We've been doing our research and here are two brilliant natural antihistamine options to help treat your allergies naturally... Quercetin

Fear not, if you haven't heard of quercetin before, then you won't be alone. Quercetin is actually a natural antioxidant flavonoid found in apples, red grapes, onions, and other plants foods. Growing research around its anti-histamine properties means it may help relieve allergy symptoms such as itchiness, runny nose etc.

For most people, simply eating more foods that contain quercetin won't be enough to benefit from its anti-histamine properties, so supplementing with it is recommended.


Bromelain is a natural enzyme found only in pineapples and has been known to be effective at treating respiratory distress ad inflammation in the body thanks to its wonderful anti-inflammatory properties.

Bromelain has, in fact, a very long history within ancient medicine and has long been associated with relieving inflammation and swelling of the nasal passages.

Of course, you can consume pineapple daily to increase your bromelain levels, but because pineapple is a fruit high in carbohydrates, we recommend consuming it in moderation and instead, for maximum dosage, consider a bromelain supplement with at least 400mg.


We understand how easy it is to reach for the most convenient medication when it comes to allergies, but if you're after a natural antihistamine without the side effects of over-the-counter medicine, then both quercetin and bromelain are a great option to consider.

Our Primal Living Quercetin supplement contains bromelain for a 2-in-1 natural antihistamine option. We've worked hard on its formulation to make sure it's packed with natural sources to provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and we can't wait to share it with all our wonderful customers.

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